The End of MH370

MH370 in Southern Indian Ocean

The whole world was shocked to receive the news about flight MH370 on the 24th of March 2014 which stated that the last signal detected was at the Southern Indian Ocean. It is a sad news indeed. Although I don't have any family members on board, I can still feel the feelings of the families and friends of the MH370 crews and passengers. In fact, the wife and two daughters of one of the directors at the current place that I am working at were on MH370. 

What I can say is that we would never know when is our last day breathing on earth. While we are around, give and show love to all. Care for those around us. We would never know when is the last time we are going to see our loved ones. Being a Muslim, the world is just a transit to another permanent life after this. Whatever good or bad that we do now, is a seed that we will harvest in the afterlife. So cherish and spread the love all over. 

InsyaAllah there is always a good reasons behind everything that had happened. We only need to 'redha' and life must move on. If we have the chance we will know the reasons behind it. Janji Allah itu benar, maka percayalah.. :)

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