Thoughts and Emotions

What is Your Emotion?

Everyday we faced different emotions based on the situations that we are in. It also affected the way we think and resulted to the actions that we take. Sometime, we feel sad, happy, angry, anxious and so many other emotions that a human being can feel. This is normal. We are human being with feelings.

However, the negative thoughts and emotions need to be controlled as it will also affect our body. Negative thoughts and emotions will drain the energy and left the body weak. At this point of time, the body system is vulnerable to many health problems. For example, stress and anxiety can affect to the blood pressure as well as digestive disorders.  

Therefore, it is important to recognize our thoughts and emotions. Do not allow ourselves to get too emotional on negative things that are surrounding us. Be calm and think positively. 

Positive thoughts have the power to broaden our perspective of the world. Hence, we will look into things more creatively and will give us better views and options. In addition, the positive thoughts and emotions will create a lasting emotional resilience and flourishing. 

Looking at our environment today, being in hectic life, we tend to fall for negative emotions. Our body and mind become restless and tired. Life became too depressing. Up to certain point, there's a proposal to government to check the mental health of the workers.

As for me, knowing that I have to face many challenges every single day and I know that age is catching up to me as well. What I do is, to ensure that I get a good sleep and take some supplements to support my body. 

When I was younger, I admit that I don't trust all these supplements. But when age is taking its toll on me, I started to realized the importance of supplements to support our health. Being a Shaklee distributor, I got the chance to enjoy good rate when purchasing the supplements. I take ESP, B-Complex and OsteMatrix to support me so that I have more energy, better mood and emotions to face the day. 

However, no matter what level or in which conditions we are, being a Muslim, what we can do is always to go back to the Creator, Allah S.W.T. Allah always misses us and wants to listen to our thoughts and prayers. Only to Allah we seek assistance. Only Allah can ease and release the burden that we are carrying :)


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