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Nowadays, due to the environmental changes and the modern lifestyle, we tend to ignore many things in life. The main one is our health. Today I am going to focus on taking care of our joint system.

I am not really sure but this is based on my own experience as well as those who are close to me. I am 31 years old this year, but I have been experiencing (the most obvious one) is sharp pain at my heel on my right foot. Sometimes, after sitting for quite sometime and then suddenly when I wanted to stand, there you go, the sharp pain at my heel. I already seek doctors' advice and they said it's normal. This is because we move and walk a lot, stand for a long time, wearing heels and etc.  I guess whatever they said are true because I have went through all. Moreover, I am not consider young anymore :p

In fact some of my close families, relatives and friends are also facing the same problem. Some of them are about my age or start experiencing it at around my age, some are younger than me, and most with other additional joint illnesses are older than me. Therefore, I think it is very very very important to start taking care of ourselves and our joint system at an early age, when we are still active and strong and money is something that we can always find. 

I would recommend the intake of Shaklee OsteMatrix. It furnished the sufficient calcium required by our body as well as other plus points to our health (I will share thoroughly in the next entry). But if you have more budget, you can also add in Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet and Shaklee OmegaGuard to give more support to our joint system. Each of the vitamin have its unique benefits on its own. So it is definitely good to our health.

These are the benefits of the Joint Health Set:
  • Provide nutritional support to collagen and other important components of connective tissue that give strength and structure to joints.
  • Help to maintain healthy strong bones.
  • Help to relief joint pain and join inflammation.

Since the month of April 2014 is the lucky month for Shaklee OsteMatrix, why don't grab this opportunity now. For more consultation, please feel free to whatsapp, SMS, email, and etc. I will be more than happy to assist you :)

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