I am a Proud Mother

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.... Maaf ye.. dah beberapa hari tertinggal coretan di blog.... Rindu rasanya... Hari ni just nak mengomel kehidupan sebagai seorang ibu.... walaupun saya hanya ada 1 + 1.... Sorang dan sorang lagi on the way :) Tapi tak kisahlah sorang atau ramai, semua ibu, saya yakin merasakan perasaan yang sama... 

Rasa macam nak tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris pulak hari ni.... Heee... Tajuknya.... I am a proud mother....

All these years, I have cherished the presence of a son. Being the only one.... all attention is solely on him. Alhamdulillah, he is a good son, the journey of raising him up is easy. Thank you to my dear husband whom always there for us. I give all the credits to him.

Last Saturday, my son's kindy organized the Annual Sports Day. It was the first experience for us. While my son was in his group, I sat there and looked at him. Thinking of how he has grown up so fast. Tears flow down my cheek uncontrollably. 

He has reached so many milestones in his life and today is one of it. Looking at his achievement, I almost forgot that he is no longer a baby. He has now being independent and smart. He is capable of doing so many things on his own. But still he is always be my baby. 

When the Ustaz recited the doa, I aminkan the doa and wish all the great things for him in his life in dunia and akhirat. May he become anak yang soleh.

As I am writing down this, I feel so emotional. I hope that I will never forget the experience of being a mother. No matter how old my children are, I love them with all my hearts and soul. 

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being a mother is the greatest moment in life for a long lifetime :D